Getting Back into School

Getting Back into School

One reason I have started blogging is to get myself ready to start school up again this spring. I am going to take 3 online courses this upcoming semester. This blog will help me get back into due dates, typing a lot, and connecting my perspective into my writings.

Personal Finance

Early Childhood Education

(This next one is mandatory…)

The College Experience


So hopefully that isn’t too much of a load juggling 3 classes of homework, my Little 2, doing daycare, and dealing with life itself! I believe in myself, so that’s what counts. I just have to remind myself to squeeze in time to relax!

When I first imagined doing online classes I thought, ‘I’m gunna have spare quiet time to work on my homework, maybe go to the library and sit…‘ but in reality I was at home and most of the time it was not quiet. I’d have to stop mid-homework assignment to go chase after the little one and clean up. I still got an A+ in both classes! It was easier to work on homework while everyone else was sleeping, but then I should have been too… I managed!

This time I’ll have 3 classes though… I’m not expecting to have A+ this time around, but it won’t stop me from trying my best and keep in mind it’s about the learning that matters.


“Challenges, disappointments, and failures are not meant to destroy you, but to strengthen you.”


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