New Year

New Year



Happy New Year everyone!

I haven’t posted for about a week! I aim for posting twice a week, fyi. But, I have been on vacation and focusing on spending time with family. So very little social media besides the family group chat we have.

Before I get into New Year’s Resolutions, of course, I’m going to go over how my trip went! It was great! Little J was amazing through all the car rides. Well… he did puke twice on the long haul to New York, but besides that, awesome! I drove about 4 hours to NY, and 6 hours back. Then 4 hours from IL to IA! I will definitely be road trip ready next time around. I definitely overpacked, and I will have to bring it down to the basics next time. Shoutout to Aunt Lisa, she was the best to drive with. We had great conversations the whole way, and the time just seemed to fly!

During our entire trip, we played lots of board and card games, went on a few adventures, and got to know our family tree a whole lot better!





We arrived in NY about 4am, so we spent most of that day recovering from our long ride. We did stop into Ellicottville and check out some shops; I didn’t buy anything. The second day, we went to go visit family, and I took down a whole lot of information about our family history. I learned a lot! The next day, we took a two hour trip to Niagara Falls. It was super chilly, but we beared it anyway just to see the sights.


Hello, Squirrel.


The last day before we left, we went to Holiday Valley to go tubing in the snow! It was Little 2’s first time. He loved it! We left on New Year’s Eve, and we got to IL an hour before the New Year. The little one fell right asleep on me on the couch, so we just laid there. No TV, just silence. He woke up to countdown and went back to sleep. We stayed in IL a bit longer than planned, but it was great to meet family and get in some good photo memories.

I’m blessed!

Who has New Year’s Resolutions? Or just goals, if you may. The New Year is great because it seems like a fresh slate and a whole new beginning. But every month, week, and day is good for that, too. *hint*

I personally have come up with a lot of goals, but here are a few ones:

  • Be more physically active
  • Do well in my spring classes
  • Spend more quality time with family
  • Minimize stuff in my life

Living in Iowa, or any cold region, and being phsically active seems daunting. I just want to hibernate under a warm blanket with Cheeto as my warmer. When I think exercise, I come to the connotation that I have to run or use weights, etc. To be physically active can just be moving your body… like doing tasks around the house. Though, it would be good to start running… or jogging, haha.

Classes are coming up real fast, and they start on the 9th! EEK. I don’t have my books yet. Hopefully, I will get them tomorrow. I like to give my textbooks a look over before I have to dive into them, so I know what I have gotten myself into.

What matters the most is family, so I want to spend lots of my time with family and creating that quality connection. Family both near and far! Even just a call would be great.

I have way too much stuff and so does Little J. I have already been weeding out my closet and a few of J’s toys. I am really hoping for that garage sale this year. I have been encouraging people for 2 years now to get on it. PLEASE this year. 🙂 Anything that doesn’t go at the garage sale can be donated to Goodwill.

I am looking for a great New Year! It has absolutely started off on the right track, and I’m looking forward to what 2017 has to offer!




“Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow is a fresh opportunity to make things better. Never forget to count your blessings.”

Traveling for the Holidays

Traveling for the Holidays


‘Tis the season to be jolly. And for travelers!

It’s not a tradition that we do this, but a group from my family is going to road trip out to visit my Grandpa in New York this year! I am excited, but also nervous about the road conditions for our long drive ahead of us. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate with us on our journey. It is approximately a 13 hour drive, but with all the stops it will probably be closer to 14 hours. That’s a lot of driving!

Just this year, I have driven for a time period longer than 1 hour. This summer I drove 2 hours back from Wisconsin. Just last month, I drove by myself to Illinois 4 hours there and then the 4 hours back! I am surely packing in the driving experience this year.

Family is absolutely worth all the time spent driving, though! I am really looking forward to playing card and board games, eating lots of snacks, laughing a lot, and spending quality time with my loved ones! I am so blessed for my family and the wonderful traveling opportunities in my life.

I am also excited to spend time with family in my hometown as well. Even if you don’t have to travel very far…I’m wishing safety to all you travelers out there! Especially the ones with the snow!

Happy Holidays!

“The greatest gift of all is to spend Christmas with the ones you love.”